Season of the Priestess

It’s a common misconception to believe not everyone is creative. When we’re children we draw, we make games, and have imaginations that are wild and free. It seems as adults most of us lose this childlike imagination and creativity, and instead rely more on reality, fact, and what is directly presented. Everyone is creative however. If we’re stranded in the dark, we find a way to make it light. If we’re cold, we search for a way to get warm. Being creative isn’t always about painting pretty pictures or swooning the masses with beautiful melodies, but rather creating a solution or response to a problem or event.

Designers have the gift of hanging on to their childhood imagination and channeling that energy to create engaging visual content that speaks universally. Designers never stopped drawing or making games; designers never stopped creating. Though life (the seasons) we collect tons of information and experiences. We then manipulate, twist, and abstract these experiences to create new information. Strong design isn’t magic, it’s more of a merger between one designers personal creativity or ideas, and their  interactions and experiences—the collective creativity of the world. Season of the Priestess is an exploration of this idea.

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